Gary Robinson

Publications and presentations

  • Gary ROBINSON, Sabine Dörry & Ben Derudder (2019) Reform, that you may preserve: SWIFT, Ripple and technological change in cross-border payments. Paper presented at the Forschungswerkstatt Finanzgeographie – Financial Geography Lab 2019, Gelsenkirchen, October 2019.
  • Sabine Dörry, Gary ROBINSON & Ben Derudder (2018) There Is No Alternative: SWIFT as Infrastructure Intermediary in Global Financial Markets. Paper presented at the RGS-IBG Academic Conference 2019, London, August 2019.
  • Sabine Dörry, Gary ROBINSON, Ben Derudder & Tom Storme (2018) Financial Firms, Technology, and Changing Urban Geographies. Paper presented at the 5th Global Conference on Economic Geography, Cologne, July 2018.
  • Gary ROBINSON (2018) Beyond the usual suspects: A global analysis of global finance. Book review of: Hall S. 2017. Global Finance: Places, Spaces and People. London, Sage. Articulo – Journal of Urban Research,
  • Gary ROBINSON (2017) Pragmatic Financialisation: the role of the Japanese Post Office. New Political Economy, 22:1, 61-75, DOI: 10.1080/13563467.2016.1195347.

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